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More violence on Christians

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A bishop in the southern Philippines reported receiving a letter threatening him with harm if he does not convert to Islam or pay “Islamic taxes.”

Bishop Martin Jumoad of Isabela also told the Asian church news agency UCA News that he got text messages from Catholics saying they, too, had received threatening letters.

(…) They said Bishop Jumoad should choose to convert to Islam or give “jizya,” Islamic tax, to their group in exchange for protecting him in the “place of Muslims.”

If he refuses to convert or pay, the letter threatened “force, weapons or war may be used” against him. It warned him not to feel safe even if he is “surrounded by soldiers” and cited bombings in various cities.

(…)“If we do not receive response from you, it means you will oppose,” the letter added.

A document written in the local dialect on the letterhead of “Al-Harakatul Islamiyya” accompanied the letter. The bishop said he did not recognize the names, but has encountered the phrase “Al-Harakatul” in kidnapping incidents in Basilan involving Abu Sayyaf, a guerrilla group named as a terrorist organization by various countries.

(Also in Iran) Days after his release from a month of interrogations and severe torture under secret police custody, Iranian Christian Mohsen Namvar has fled across the border into Turkey with his family. Traveling by train, the badly beaten Christian arrived July 2 in eastern Turkey with his wife and son. Namvar, 44, had been held incommunicado by a branch of Sepah (the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) from May 31 until June 26, when authorities told his family they were releasing him “temporarily.” Although the secret police demanded $43,000 in bail, officers refused to issue a court receipt for the family’s cash payment. At the time of his release, Namvar was experiencing fever, severe back pain, extremely high blood pressure, uncontrollable shaking of his limbs and recurring short-term memory loss. “I have no doubt they wanted to kill me,” Namvar told Compass. According to Namvar, who converted from Islam to Christianity as a teenager, his severe physical mistreatment stemmed from his refusal to give the police any names or information about other converts and house church groups in Iran.

The Peaceful Religion of Peace and Other Faiths | Freedom.

Harmony in the Universe, Hmmm, Peace…. Arghhh, I just fell off to reality…

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July 24, 2008 at 10:41 pm

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  2. […] More violence on Christains. […]

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