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American Thinker: Breeding Evil: Hezb’allah’s Children

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In an UN-brokered and decidedly unbalanced trade, Israel turned over the remains of 199 terrorists, the living Kantar and four others in exchange for the mutilated bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. Captured by Hezb’allah inside Israel in 2006, the young Israelis did not long survive capture by Hezb’allah, certainly not long enough to be exchanged. Kantar, however, was healthy, even portly as he received a red carpet welcome, with speeches and songs of victory. A large photo of a weeping Israeli woman was featured on the stage; there are no innocents in the ideology of Hezb’allah. All Jews must die, even four-year-old little girls. Katyusha rockets are gleefully aimed at Israeli schools, hospitals and apartment buildings.

Kantar was embraced and applauded; afterwards he gave a stiff-armed Nazi salute. It is the common salute of Hezb’allah. Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Muslim world.

We have all seen the pictures of children dressed as suicide bombers, the toddlers holding Kalashnikovs, the grade school students happily reciting poems glorifying genocide. The masked gunmen strutting for the cameras are teenagers, the fighters who launch rockets are in their early twenties. Whole generations have come of age without education, indoctrinated in an ideology of Islamic fanaticism and blind hatred, kept destitute and embittered, the most efficient way to breed terrorists. With the help of Syria and Iran, funding from Islamic nations and charities, and aid from the ever-gullible West, the perpetual “refugees” never build schools and hospitals, but arsenals that become ever more sophisticated.

American Thinker: Breeding Evil: Hezb’allah’s Children.

Yeah, but that doesn’t worry a bit: they are far away…

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Written by Claudia

July 26, 2008 at 6:12 pm

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