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Germany charges alleged member of militant group over attacks in Turkey

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German prosecutors said Thursday that they have filed murder and terrorism charges against a suspected member of a banned Turkish leftist group over his alleged role in a series of attacks in Turkey.

The 53-year-old of Turkish origin, identified only as Faruk E., is accused of being a co-founder of the outlawed DHKP-C group, which seeks to topple the Turkish government and replace it with a Marxist one. The defendant is not a citizen of any country, prosecutors said.

The charges, filed in a Duesseldorf court on June 24, include murder, attempted murder, explosives offenses and leadership in a foreign terrorist organization, federal prosecutors said in a statement.

They accused the man of ordering from Germany an April 1993 attack outside Istanbul, in which two Turkish police officers were killed, on behalf of the Devrimci Sol group.

Prosecutors said he co-founded DHKP-C, its successor, the following year, and was a member of its three-member central committee until his arrest in Germany last year.

Germany charges alleged member of militant group over attacks in Turkey – International Herald Tribune.

So, Islamist, Kurds and also Marxists/Communists…

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Written by Claudia

July 26, 2008 at 8:18 pm

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