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CAIR law suits: abandon counterterrorism training

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The mainstream media has copped out on an important story that, post 9/11, is a threat to the counterterrorism effort. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim Brotherhood (MB) front groups, cited by the U.S. Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case to be retried in the Dallas Federal District Court in September, have thwarted federal, state and local counterterrorism training by objecting to it as ‘racist’ or as ‘religious hate’ and in many cases forcing discontinuation of such training. The result has been workplace harrassment of the important first responders charged with protecting us. Federal agencies like the FBI and DHS and local police departments in Los Angeles, New York, and Fairfax County Virginia have been intimidated by false charges by these MB groups. In some instances they have been forced under threat of civil law suits to abandon counterterrorism training. The result is that our front line in the war against radical Islamic groups looks like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Worse yet, we are allowing the MB front groups to get away with this under the guise of ‘hate speech, religious profiling, civil rights’ and obsessive political correctness by federal, state and local political leaders and the department heads of these front line first responder agencies.

They have been forced to discontinue important intelligence gathering ‘community mapping’ programs, such as the one abandoned in November, 2007 under pressure from MB front groups by the LAPD.

jillosophy: CAIR law suits: abandon counterterrorism training..

Worrying perspective: if the police is not trained in counterterrorism, they are not able to fight terrorism. And they stop that training because of legal harrasment. Police does not go against Muslims because they hate Muslims, just because some of them (that “tiny” minority) are doing everything in their power to impose their own religious views on the rest of the people, using terrorism. Any other consideration is a lie, it’s just falsely claim they are persecuted for their “religious” views, while they are spreading an ideology of hate, murder and Islamic supremacy.

And that is extremelly more probable among Muslims than other religious beliefs, isn’t it?

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Written by Claudia

July 27, 2008 at 2:36 pm

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