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The Scottish election

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On Monday I wrote that Gordon Brown’s career as PM might be over if the Scottish National Party pulled off an upset in a by-election in a Glasgow East MP district. Early this morning news broke that the Nationalists pulled it off: “Gordon Brown’s premiership has been dealt a potentially fatal blow as Labour lost one of its safest seats in one of the biggest by-election shocks ever.”

The significance of the election goes beyond Labour/Tory politics. You see, Scotland has always been a strong hold of Labour. If they can’t hold a seat like this, where can they win? This bodes well for not only the nationalist party, but the entire nationalist movement, the goal of which is to declare Scottish independence and undo the 1707 Acts of Union.

Cyberhillbilly: POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE IN GREAT BRITAIN!! Brown, Britain on Edge After Glasgow Election.

The Devil’s Kitchen has more comments on the subject.

The cause, I think, is not only the political mismanegement done by Labour in Scotland, but also the rise in Scottish nationalism. If a national party is mismanaging everything, then the solution is independence. It’s a very stupid logic (the nationalists also mismanage things…) but a very “popular” one.

We will see what happens next…

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Written by Claudia

July 27, 2008 at 8:10 pm

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