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Spain: Doctors Remake Clitoris to Women who had suffered FGM

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Two women have recovered the sensibility in their genitalia two months after being operated of a clitoris’ reconstruction in the Instituto Dexeus by the Doctor Pere Barri Soldevilla, the doctor in charge of the “Program of Genital Reconstruction after FGM” of this center.

Both patients, of African origin and who live in Spain nowawdays, have achieved an satisfactory anatomical result in their clitoris and thave recovered its sensibility, although it’s early to evaluate their answer to sexual stimulation, as the Instituto Dexeus has explained in a communiqué.

Both of them suffered the FGM when they were 1 year-old and afterwards, they came to live in Spain. Actually, other ten women have applied to be operated in the same Program.

Reconstruyen el clítoris a dos mujeres a las que habían practicado la ablación –

Two things:

  1. not all cases of FGM can be operated, regarding what the article say about the procedure.
  2. the good news will be when we are told that this barbaric practice is abandoned. This procedure to operate them, can reduce their problems, specially regarding sexual intercourse. But the psycological problems of having being held at 1-year-old to have part of the clitoris cut, as well as those originated by the physical ones (problems to urinate, haemorrhages and possible infections at the moment of suffering FGM) are life-time).

Linked news: A right to asylum?

It wasn’t until Traore came to the United States eight years ago that she learned that female genital mutilation has been condemned the world over as a human rights abuse. Now that she’s here – she has been living in Maryland since 2000 – she doesn’t want to go back.

Traore’s fight against deportation – her student visa expired in 2003 – has put her at the center of a growing dispute between rights groups and the Bush administration over whether victims of the practice also known as female circumcision, or female genital cutting, qualify for asylum here.

Good debate… but I’m going to make another question: why someone who is doing nothing bad as this woman is denied asylum and a man like Abu Qutada is not deported? Where is the logic?

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