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Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither (Benjamin Franklin) – Islamists Threaten Olympics

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The Chinese government for months has warned about the risk terrorism poses to the Olympic Games, but when an Islamist group claimed responsibility for recent blasts and threatened to target the games this past weekend, officials played it down.

In a video message, a Uighur group based in China’s northwestern Muslim region said it would employ “tactics never used before” in its planned attacks. The Olympics begin in Beijing on August 8.

A commander named as Sayfallah (“sword of Allah” in Arabic) said the message was a last warning to those planning to participate in or attend the Olympics to “change their plans,” according to translations provided by terrorism analysis sites IntelCenter and Laura Mansfield.

The group said it carried out two bus bombings in Kunming earlier this month and one in Shanghai in May, as well as two other recent blasts in the southern cities of Wenzhou and Guangzhou. – Islamists Threaten Olympics.

Chinese authorities said first Kumning explosions were actually terrorism, while the “city authorities” denied that possibility. So now, some Uighur Muslim says they threaten the Olympics. The “curious” thing is that Uighurs want independence and have not often before claimed anything related to Jihad. And CHina has been sending weapons to the Talibans before Sept 11 and to Sudan till 2005, even after the embargo.

So, considering its not-very-clear-role towards Islamic extremism, what is the real threat of Muslim Uighurs to the Olympic Games?
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Written by Claudia

July 29, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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