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Islamist terrorism in India

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it is quite likely that the ISI is involved in the killing to some degree. The question is: by how many degrees of separation from it? During a 60-year rivalry, Pakistan has made skilful use of Islamist militants against India, in the contested region of Kashmir, and elsewhere. This must have bequeathed its current spooks a heavy case-load of proven and would-be terrorists, in Pakistan, Bangladesh and many parts of India.

It is almost inconceivable that the ISI is no longer trying to keep tabs on these men. It is also likely that some in its ranks, despite the progress of a four-year effort to make peace between India and Pakistan, want to keep up the fight. But the extent to which they are having their wish seems to be largely a matter of guesswork.

India | Blast after blast |

The article is altogether very interesting, but those two paragraphs are the most important for me. Because this is not the first time Pakistani intelligence is accused of being behing a terrorist attack. It is not the first time India accuses Pakistan of that same thing.

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The number of Indian Muslim youth involved in anti-US activities and in support of the pan-Islamic objectives of Al Qaeda and the IIF is estimated to be still small, but larger than in the past. For the first time, this could provide an opening to Al Qaeda and the IIF to recruit Indian Muslim youth for their terrorist strikes directed against the US. Till now, the Indian Muslim youth, whether in India or the Gulf or in the West, were not subject to the same close surveillance by the Western intelligence agencies as the Arabs and the Pakistanis were. Thus, recruitment of Indian Muslims in India or abroad would provide Al Qaeda and the IIF with the possibility of recruiting volunteers for their anti-US operations, who will be able to evade detection by the Western intelligence agencies much easier than the Arabs or the Pakistanis. This is a danger which should not be lightly dismissed.


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Written by Claudia

July 29, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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