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Fadela Amara: “The Burqa is a prison, a straitjacket”

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“The burqa is a prison, a straitjacket,” state undersecretary for urban policies, Fadela Amara, born in France to Algerian parents who is also a practising Muslim herself, said. In an interview with daily Le Parisien, Amara, former chairwoman of the ‘Ni putes ni soumises’ (‘Neither Prostitutes Nor Subdued’) association said she approved of the recent decision of the judicial authorities in Paris which denied French nationality to a Moroccan woman because she was accustomed of wearing an all-covering burqa. To Amara, the ruling of the Council of State enables to “reaffirm the principle of equality between genders”. This decision “is a true trampoline for the emancipation and freedom of women” and it can “dissuade certain fanatics from imposing the burqa on their wives”, she added. Women that she calls “black crows”. The burqa and headscarf to her “are the same thing. It is only a matter of centimetres of fabric”. But both “are a sign of the oppression of women. We must fight this obscurantist practice which puts in danger the equality between men and women“. (ANSAmed).


via Creeping Sharia.

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