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Italy: Appeal Court annuls the sentence against the Imam of Gallarate

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The Imam of Gallarate when he was arrested.

The First Section of the Criminal Appeals’ Court has annuled the condemnation of a year and four months in 2007 by Appeal Tribunal of Milan to Mohamed El Mahfoudi, who was then the Imam of Gallarate (Varese). It has also ordered a new procedure to take place about the facts which caused the first one.

The imam was accused of association to commit criminal activities, links with the international market of weapons and of assistance to illegal immigration. He was intercepted when he was contacting a member of an Islamic group specialised in weapons’ trafficking, false documents and illegal immigrations and with “foreigners to legalise” inside Italy. During the process, El Mahfoudi maintained that the phone numbers only proved that he was interested in all immigrants. He denied favouring illegal immigration.

The Appeal Court has consdiered that the motivation of the Appeal Tribunal is “not enough and with errors in essential parts of it”. According to the second supreme judges, the “supposed favours were only maintained in four phone numbers, by which the imam was interested in the job’s situation of immigrant subjects who were not better identified, to legalise their situation in Italy”.

Terrorismo: Cassazione annulla la condanna all’ex imam di Gallarate – Il Messaggero.

Of course, the best way ever of improving immigrants conditions in a country is to have the phones of “weapons dealers” and of people “specialised in falsified documents” in your phone listing.

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Written by Claudia

August 1, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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