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Saudi Arabia: “alleged” homosexuals arrested at a party

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Saudi religious police have arrested 55 people at a party allegedly held by homosexuals at a farm in Qatif province in the east of the country.

According to a report on the Arab satellite TV channel, al-Arabiya, two young men were allegedly found wearing women’s make up and dancing on stage together.

The detainees were all handcuffed when they were arrested. Saudi police said during their search they found drugs and alcohol and other items that are prohibited under the country’s strict Sharia law.

A similar police blitz was carried out more than a month ago at another farmhouse in the same area where 21 alleged homosexuals were arrested. Some of those arrested were Filipinos and Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia.

tolerance, saudi style « Bored Melo.

Will San Francisco county some time denounce this kind of behaviour instead of considering only Catholic teachings on homosexuality? Oh, no, don’t be ridiculous, Catholic Church and specially Israel are the bad guys… Seriously, no Muslim country discriminates homosexuals and they can marry in all of them….


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Written by Claudia

August 1, 2008 at 11:45 pm

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  2. […] Saudi Arabia: “alleged” homosexuals arrested at a party. […]

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