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Spain pledges aid after deaths of African migrants

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One of things I most admire of Zapatero is his absolute way of making problems and then being unable to solve them… One of the best examples of that is immigration: he was the main supporter of the policy of “papers for all”, which caused (and still causes) massive deaths of immigrants in the Strait of Gibraltar and in general in all coasts of Southern Spain. If you tell immigrants “everyone is invited”, everyone is going to come.

So what’s the recipe? “Fighting poverty”.

The only positive way to deal with illegal immigration is to fight poverty, said Spanish Prime Minister Josè Luis Rodrìguez Zapatero, upon learning of the deaths of 15 would-be migrants.

The African migrants, who had been trying to reach Europe by sea, died near the coast of the southern Spanish province of Almerìa, on the north shore of the Mediterranean. Zapatero gave a press conference July 10 in Athens, immediately after hearing about the deaths.

(…)  As for the African continent, Mr. Zapatero said, “Either we help Africa, and help in the fight against misery and despair, or our collective future as a place of progress and well-being will be called into question.”

“We are all sorry, and we can all feel sorrow, including the prime minister, but what we say and what we do must be consistent,” said Khar Moya of the Association for Solidarity with Black Africa. “As well as expressing sorrow and asking for support for Africa, Zapatero should change the migration policy arising from the agreement with France,” the activist said. Mr. Moya was referring to the formal support given by Madrid to the draft European Immigration Pact.

Spain pledges aid after deaths of African migrants.

The expression in red is typical of Mr. Zapatero. But does that money really reaches the needy or its real destiny is the pocket of some corrupted officials of African Governments?

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Written by Claudia

August 2, 2008 at 2:21 pm

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