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What motivated Cara Marie Burke’s murder?

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She was 17 years-old and had gone to Brazil from where she was going to return with two friends, her brother has said. But she didn’t come back and all that was found was her torso, dismembered from the rest of her body, torso which was identified by her mother because she had a distinctive tatoo that said “Mum”.

She was killed allegedly by a man who had hoped to marry her. But not because of love or other deep sentiments (in case you consider “love” lets you do something like that… ): Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos, 20, a Brazilian of Turkish heritage, is believed to have been living in Britain illegally and had told friends that he wanted to marry Cara to obtain British citizenship. He admitted to the police that he had taken photos of her dismembered parts with the camera of his mobile phone.

And he also admitted something else: that he killed her after she threatened to tell his parents, who live in London, that he was a drug dealer addicted to cocaine and was considering also turning him to the police.

But the crime in itself was really horrible:

Lenita Aves, a spokeswoman for the Goiânia PolÍcia Civil, said that Mr dos Santos had admitted killing Cara with a single stab wound using a butcher’s knife with a 25cm blade.

He has yet to show any remorse for what he has done. He has not cried or expressed regret of any kind,” she said. “He has told us that he and Cara argued on Friday after she threatened to go to the police to accuse him of being a drug trafficker. He has told us he murdered her on Saturday night, left her body in the bath and went to a party before decapitating her the following day.

The murder was premeditated. He turned the music up on the stereo moments before the crime so neigh-bours wouldn’t hear her screaming.”

British girl Cara Burke found ‘dismembered in suitcase’ in Brazil – Times Online.

He had been living in Britain illegally, drug dealing. So he kills the girl he wanted to marry to obtain British citizenship because she wanted to turn him to the police or to his parents. Parents who live in London: illegally?

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Written by Claudia

August 2, 2008 at 5:30 pm

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