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Sexy Singer Suzan Tamim, killed: out of “honor”?

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Suzan Tamim, 31, had been born in Lebanon. She was really beautiful and sexy and her own manager considered she was going to have a long and sucessful career, if she hasn’t been murdered.

But she was found dead some days ago in the living room of her Jumeirah Beach Residence apartment on Monday night, police said. Her throat had been cut and she had been the victim of a frenzied knife attack.

Click image for one of her videos.

Singer killed in brutal knife attack, Sexpot Suzan Tamim slashed in the face, throat cut and stabbed to death at posh Dubai UAE Marina Condo, Bizarre Honor Killing ?

The night before her body was found, Tamim had a late-night gathering, with about 20 guests partying until the early hours of Monday morning.Her body was found after friends and family grew concerned when they could not contact her all day.A police source said detectives were pursuing a possible lead after a security guard, on duty at Tamim’s Rimal 1 tower the day she was murdered, described a man demanding to know her apartment number.

He was last seen entering the lift and heading for her apartment on the 22nd floor about 9am on Monday – which is the time police believe she was murdered. Despite several people being brought in for questioning, no one has yet been arrested in the singer’s murder. Robert Safri, who was Tamim’s manager for three years in the latter part of her short career and became close friends with the star and her estranged husband, Adel Maatouk, said yesterday: “The police in Dubai have promised to release the body within 48 hours and conclude their investigations.


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Written by Claudia

August 3, 2008 at 6:26 pm

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  1. […] is arrested and speaks about the reasons he had to killing her so viciously, we will see if this was an honor killing or not. According to a source close to the investigation, a 23 year-old British man of Iraqi origin was […]

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