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Spanish police finds AlQaeda’s manual

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Or so it seems as there is no official statement supporting or denying the matter because neither police nor Ministery of Interior aren’t in conditions to do that:

How to make a car bomb or to explode a bomb from a distance against the international forces in Lebanon and Afghanistan. This is the “manual of the perfect Al-Qaedist” which has been found in internet by the Spanish police. It has been annuonced by Cadena Ser.

According to police sources quoted by the radio, the manual for the sleeping cells in Al-Qaeda in Europe has eight pages and has been written in last June.

The radio has also added that the manual also describes how to hit “the military structure of the enemies of Islam” without using suicide terrorists. In particular, it’s explained how to guide a car with a remote control without the need of a kamikaze.


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Written by Claudia

August 5, 2008 at 2:01 pm

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