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Lawyers: Daughter’s murder not ‘honor killing

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Christian (the detective) testified that Rashid confessed, through an interpreter, to killing Kanwal during questioning at the police department the night her body was found on the floor of her bedroom. Rashid had told police he is Muslim and that extramarital affairs and divorce are against his religion. That’s why he killed her, according to a Clayton County arrest warrant.

He said, ‘God will protect me, God is watching me, I strangled my daughter, I killed her,'” Christian testified Tuesday.

Previous courtroom statements indicate Rashid to be a devout Muslim. Long got permission last month for Rashid to continue a special diet in the jail for Muslims.

But outside the courtroom, Begner and Long downplayed the religious aspect of the alleged crime.

“It’s unfortunate that ‘honor killing’ has come out as a catch phrase for this crime,” Long said. “It does a disservice to this man, his family and culture. It is being used loosely without the full aspect of what’s going on in this case.”

Lawyers: Daughter’s murder not ‘honor killing’ |

So, let me see if I understand this: they are not calling it what it is because it can defame his culture? They would not dare calling it “honor killing” because it can defame his family? Wouldn’t it be possible for his culture to change and end this “aspect” which defames it so much? Or is it a so important aspect of that culture that it can’t be modified at all?


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August 6, 2008 at 6:33 pm

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  2. […] Lawyers: Daughter’s murder not honor killing. […]

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