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Israel Rocket Attacks To Be Legalised

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Paramilitary group Hizbollah is about to receive approval from the Lebanese Government which will enshrine in law the firing of rockets into Israel.

If, as expected, a draft law is passed, then the Israelis might blame any future attacks on the Lebanese Government and not just Hizbollah.

Since the 2006 Hizbollah/Israel war ended, it is thought Hizbollah has been re-armed by Syria and Iran and now has up to 30,000, rockets some of which may be able to reach as far as Tel Aviv.

Under UN Resolution 1701, which ended the conflict, Hizbollah was supposed to disarm.

It never happened, and after a recent violent crisis in Lebanon Hizbollah now holds 11 of the 30 Cabinet positions.

It is using this position of strength to push a law through parliament legitimising its right to bear arms.

A draft of the law supports the “right of Lebanon’s people, the Army and the Resistance to liberate all its territories”.

Israel Rocket Attacks To Be Legalised – Yahoo! News UK.

If this happens, Lebanob will be a real terrorist state.


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Written by Claudia

August 7, 2008 at 11:49 pm

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