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Norway: Islamic Council and homosexuality

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It’s of course completely unacceptable not to reject the death sentence for homosexuals. To take up this debate now is important, not least of consideration to young homosexual Muslim who struggle with their own identity,” says the Children and Equality minister Anniken Huitfeldt to Dagsavisen.

The minister is sending a strong signal to the heads of the Islamic Council of Norway that they must distance themselves from the death sentence for homosexuals.

Huitfeldt’s party colleague, parliament member Thomas Breen of the justice committee, demands to stop all state financial support to the Islamic council.

“There have been enough opportunities for the Islamic Council to enter the homosexuality debate. Now it’s time that the state stand up for some values and remove all financial support from the organization till they distance themselves,” says Breen.

The Islamic Council of Norway says they’re waiting for the European Fatwa Council to rule on the question. The council, which met three weeks ago in Paris, didn’t deal with the issue.

Islam in Europe: Norway: Islamic Council facing loss of funds over homosexuality question.

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Written by Claudia

August 10, 2008 at 3:30 pm

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