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Our friends, the Chinese

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After the magnificency of Chinese Olympic Games and the lack of world opposition to Chinese continous violation of Human Rights during them (if anyone voiced that opposition, he would be expelled from Chinese soil, now we get another news of what China is doing:

On August 21, they filed suit in Superior Court in Los Angeles, alleging that, beginning in July 2003, Bank of China transferred millions of dollars to help Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad. The moneys, originating in Iran and Syria as well as other places in the Middle East, were funneled through Bank of China branches located in the United States to a branch in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s Guangdong province. From there the funds were wired to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, where they were used “for the purpose of planning, preparing for and executing terrorist attacks” between May 2004 to January of last year.

The plaintiffs claim that in April 2005 Israeli counterterrorism officials met with officials from China’s central bank and the country’s Ministry of Public Security to demand an end to Bank of China’s role in the money transfers. The transfers, however, continued, according to the complaint in the case. The Chinese central bank denies the meeting ever took place.

Furthermore, Bank of China denies all of the plaintiffs’ allegations. “The accusation is absolutely groundless,” the bank said in a statement issued Wednesday. Wang Zhaowen, a spokesman for Bank of China in Beijing, said the bank “always complies with the United Nations’ anti-money-laundering regulations. Also, our New York branch and related representative offices always follow U.S. banking regulations.”

(…) Why is Bank of China involved in so many dubious activities? After the 1949 revolution, the bank became the financial window for the People’s Republic. Last decade, it formally gave up that specialized role but has remained the country’s main foreign exchange bank. This decade, Bank of China has sold large strategic stakes to foreign banking institutions and shares to the investing public, but the Chinese government still controls its operations. If Beijing deals with a rogue leader or terrorist somewhere in the world, it most always funnels cash through Bank of China, which has operations in about thirty nations.  The central government may say that it does not control the bank, but in reality it does.

Marvellous. So they have detained (and condemned to death and tortured) Uighur Muslims by claiming that they were “Islamic terrorists” and now it results that they are funneling money to Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad. And what do they think this people are? Solidarity crusaders? Or charity nuns?

So we must keep on asking what side of the Jihad is China on.


Written by Claudia

September 1, 2008 at 9:49 pm

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