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Rusia cautions the West against making a historical error for defending the Georgian regime

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Russian FM Serguei Lavrov, on the same day scheduled for the meeting of EU leaders to debate the Caucasian crisis, has cautioned US and its allies about making an “error of historical proportions” if they end supporting Georgian president’s regime, Mikhail Saakashvili.

If US and its allies do not support in the end their national interests or those of Georgian people, but they end supporting Saakashvili, who has learnt nothing, it would be an error of historical proportions“, has stated the Russian diploomacy’s chief to Interfax agancy in Moscow.

Rusia advierte a Occidente de que sería un error histórico defender el régimen georgiano · ELPAÍ

You know, this kind of statements always shock me. What is that thing which Saakashvili has not learnt yet? That Russia has won this war after killing a lot of civilians (without any huge Hollywood star making campaign against Russian brutality, abuse of Human Rights, blablabla….) and that they used cluster ammunition against them?

Just to know what this cluster ammunitions are, read the last link:

Cluster munitions are large weapons which are deployed from the air and from the ground and release dozens or hundreds of smaller submunitions. Submunitions released by air-dropped cluster bombs are most often called “bomblets,” while those delivered from the ground by artillery or rockets are usually referred to as “grenades.”

Are you hearing those protests on the streets? Are you listening to songs on the radio against that? Are you watching on TV people desecrating Russian flag?

Me neither.

Meanwhile EU wants Russia to respect the peace plan, while condemning the Russian “disproportionate response” in Georgia. Georgia had already agreed to the Russian-EU plan.

(I don’t want anyone to do any of those things to Russian people. But I also don’t want them to be done to US or other Western countries when some foolish idiots are not supporting their policies. And I call them “foolish idiots” because they are not doing those same things against countries which commit HR abuses much more often).


Written by Claudia

September 2, 2008 at 9:39 am

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  2. […] Rusia cautions the West against making a historical error for defending the Georgian regime. […]

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