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Ahmadinejad loves rich bigamists

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There is a growing sense of anger amongst Iranian women. Next week, a number of womens rights groups are planning to picket in front of the Majlis (parliament) to demonstrate against a new bill which, if passed, would allow Iranian men to take a second wife, without the permission of his first one.

Until now, consent of the first wife has been required by law. If the new bill is approved, this will be no more. All the man has to do is to prove that he can provide financially for his second wife, and he can legally marry her, no matter how vehemently his first wife objects. As Iranian law allows a man to have four wives, once this law is passed, all that stands in the way of anyone who wishes to be a bigamist is money.

(…) The new bill also endangers the welfare of Iranian men from poorer income brackets who wish to get married (for the first time). They may find it more difficult to find brides from their economic class, because women who want to escape poverty could now find it easier to become the second wife of a rich man. So instead of helping the poor, as he repeatedly promises, Ahmadinejad and his government are giving more power to the rich.

Pajamas Media » A Victory for Rich Iranian Bigamists

Why I am not surprised?


Written by Claudia

September 3, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Posted in Islamism, Religion, society

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