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Pirates seize French nationals off Somalia

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This just came in. Worrying news indeed:

France’s Foreign Ministry says pirates off Somalia have seized a sailboat with two French citizens aboard.

The ministry has condemned the attack on the boat in the Gulf of Aden and has called for the release of the two French nationals. A ministry statement issued Wednesday says “discretion” was needed in such cases. Further details were not immediately available. It was not immediately clear whether any others in addition to the two French citizens were aboard. The ministry says more than 260 acts of piracy were recorded worldwide last year, including 30 off Somalia.

Pirates seize French nationals off Somalia –

If you want to defend the rights of kidnapped hostages, you can join the Facebook group Pray for the hostages. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, just that you’re interested in praying for them.


Written by Claudia

September 3, 2008 at 6:43 pm

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