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Anger at death of Kremlin critic

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I wrote about the shooting of a Kremlin critic in Ingushetia some days ago, at a police station. Now BBC reports about the anger in the Russian republic after it:

Opposition leaders in Russia’s volatile Ingushetia region have condemned the killing of the owner of a website critical of the Kremlin. (They also) say the killing is part of Russia’s policy of “open genocide” towards the Ingush people.

“The policy of double standards, which is pursued by the Russian leadership, and the open genocide of the Ingush people make us take cardinal decisions,” they said comments published on Mr Yevloyev’s website,

Opposition leaders said such actions increased the backing for those seeking secession from Russia.

A posting on the site urged “all those who are not indifferent” to his killing to gather for a demonstration in the regional capital, Nazran.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Anger at death of Kremlin critic

I believe that the “conflict” against Georgia has made the Kremlin think  they can manage every other “conflict” by force. So why be cautious?


Written by Claudia

September 4, 2008 at 2:10 pm

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