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Heart Disease on the Rise in Yemen because of Relative Marriage

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The rate of relative marriages is now 47% of the total number. The stricking thing is that the Dr who has warned of the dangers of relative marriage is Saudi, in fact the head of the Saudi medical mission in Yemen:

Head of the Saudi medical mission Dr. Huaida Al-Kathami, currently visiting Yemen, said that relative marriage in Yemen attributes greatly to heart congenital defects among children in Yemen. In a press conference, Chief of the Cordial Surgery Department at Prince Sultans Hospital, Dr. Al-Kathami warned of the dangerous signs of heart defects among children in Yemen, calling on Yemenis to stop relative marriages before matters get worse.

The Saudi medical team, currently at Al-Thawra Hospital in Sana’a, received 300 heart congenital malformation cases during the first week alone. The medical team found that the primary cause of birth defect illness among children is from relative marriages.

(…) Relative marriages are a recognized and common practice in Yemen. Many studies have suggested strong association between first cousin marriages and heart congenital malformation.

Relative Marriage 47% in Yemen: Heart Disease on the Rise | Armies of Liberation

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Written by Claudia

September 4, 2008 at 9:56 pm

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