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Palestinian father buries his daughter alive

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A Palestinian woman died after her father buried her alive claiming he wanted to preserve the “family honor.” The father, in his seventies, turned himself in and admitted to killing his 24-year-old divorced daughter. After investigating the crime scene, the police discovered that the womans father had tied her arms and legs and muzzled her before burying her alive.

According to press reports on Monday, the coroner was to examine the body to determine whether the woman was also beaten before her death. The police also detained four of the victim’s brothers to investigate their involvement in the crime.

International Campaign Against Honour Killings : News : Palestinian father buries his daughter alive

But even if the reason is once and again the same, there are voices who claim that “we can’t know what is the real reason because they are dead” and that “there are other important reasons as for example money“.

Even if that could be true, I must point out some very disputable remarks. In the article they consider that the reason to deny the existence of “honor “killings is that a very important part of the women were virgins when killed. And it poses an example:

In early August, a 26-year-old man shot dead his unmarried 23-year-old sister near Amman because she had disappeared from home for four months with a man. A medical examination, however, showed that the woman was a virgin when she died. According to Human Rights Watch, 95 percent of women killed in 1997 in Jordan in alleged honor killings were later proved to be innocent.

In these cases is not what it is, but what looks like. In a society where everything can be considered as a sin (Saudi Arabia has even forbidden women to walk their dogs along the streets as they could flirt), what would consistently believe the family of a girl who has disappeared from home four months with a man? And another thing: there are sexual intercourses who are not going to destroy the women’s hymen, so she is going to be still virgin, even if she has maintained sexual relations.

Without disminishing the importance of ignorance or poverty in this, I must say that honor is something much deeper in these countries that they want the rest of the world to believe.

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September 5, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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