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Three suspects of honor killing arrested

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I wrote about the terrible murder (shot and then buried alive) of FIVE women (three teenagers and two women who were their relatives) in Pakistan. Looks like their killers have been arrested.

Three suspects of killing three young girls under Karo Kari allegations in Nasirabad district of Balochistan have been arrested, advisor to prime minister on interior affairs Rehman A. Malik told Senate on Monday. Those arrested included Umaid, Qaisar and Inam Khan while investigation to identify the nature of crime and cause of death was underway, Rehman Malik said, adding, complete report will be presented before the House within three days.

(…) Rehman Malik condemned the grave incident and said Pakistan Peoples Party has always been struggling for upholding women rights.

“I myself went to Quetta and directed the IGP to submit report after thorough investigation,” he told the House.

Law of land will take the course and the culprits will be punished.  However, the case needs thorough investigation as different reports are coming around, the advisor said.

But we cannot reach a conclusion about cause of death and other factors till the bodies are exhumed. “Therefore, give us time for forensic analysis.”

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – Three suspects of honor killing arrested

Malik’s opinion is different (substantially) from the one sustained by another MP, Senator Israrullah Zehri, who has defended the crime by saying that everything was a “tribal tradition“, as I wrote on the first post on the subject.

Read also Karo-Kari Part 2 @ YD.


Written by Claudia

September 5, 2008 at 3:05 pm

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