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Yemen detains terrorist cell accused of plotting attack against Spanish tourists

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Yemeni police has detained an Al-Qaeda’s cell suspected of plotting several terrorist actions, including last year’s terrorist attack against a group of Spanish tourists, according to official sources.

An statement by Yemeni Defense Ministry says that security forces found an arsenal with munitions, weapons and other materials used to make car-bombs hidden in the city of Traim Hadrmut, 900 kilometres southwest of the Yemeni capital. It also mentions that during the operation, there was a confrontation between security forces and armed men, with automatic rifles and hand-granades which caused the death of two agens and 5 terrorists. Among others, in the confrontation was killed Salem al-Qaetti, a member of the group which prepared the attack against the Spanish tourists more than a year ago.

The statement concluded announcing the detention of two other suspected terrorists.

Desmantelan en Yemen una célula involucrada en el atentado contra los turistas españoles – Internacional –


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September 6, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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