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Nuns of Charity assaulted in India by Hindu extremists

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Nietzsche said “God is dead”. Looks like the religious deranged syndrome is not. Really, for a religious person this is an insult: if you want to live your religion, live it and leave others live theirs. Oh, and I never liked Nietzsche:

The Missionaries of Charity are again in the crosshairs of the fundamentalists: yesterday, September 5 – the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta – four sisters of Mother Teresa were attacked by about 20 Bajrang Dal activists at the Durgh train station in Chhattisgarh, a state in central India. The Hindu radicals forced them off the train, and then handed them over to police officers while chanting anti-Christian slogans.

The Hindu fundamentalists accused the sisters – Sr Mamta, the mother superior, Sr Ignacio, Sr Josephina, and Sr Laborius – of the “kidnapping and forced conversion” of four children between one and two years old, whom the religious were taking from their home in Raipur to the Shishu Bhava charity center in Bhopal. The activists followed the women to the police station, “insulting them and chanting slogans against the Christians“. The sisters presented all of the identification documents for the children and their travel permit, in addition to other documentation brought later by the religious from the house in Bilaspur. In spite of this documentation, the children were taken to be housed temporarily at the government hospital in Durg, while the documents and identity papers presented by the sisters are verified by the judicial authorities.

“The mob threatened to beat us up, but I was not afraid”, Sr Mamta tells AsiaNews. Her only concern is for the children, who require care and assistance, “but most of all our love. We love these darlings like our own, that is our pain”.

Christians again assaulted by Hindu extremists | Spero News

We will see what happens in the end, but India is one of the countries who has a higher rate of poor people, specially due to its caste system, which forbids the lower castes’ from going up in society. One of the worst social sins you can commit is to convert to another religion where the caste system is not recognised. That is why mainly Christians and Bhuddists are assaulted regularly.

Last assaults have happened against Christians, such as the one in the state of Orissa.

It is curious that this particular attack has been made against Nuns of Charity, nuns who are famous precisely because the serve “the poor among the poor”, those who no other care about. The people dying alone, the abandoned children, people with VIH, cancer or other terminal or very grave illnesses, etc. When Mother Theresa arrived there, she was also confronted by Hindu nationalists who claimed she was showing bad publicity of Calcuta because she only talked of the poor and the ill. Of course they didn’t add, that no other cared about them. And that no one was asked to convert to Catholicism, as nuns were doing it out of charity, because the saw Christ in every man, woman or child who was taken care of.

I have seen them in action, not in India where I haven’t been but in my hometown. It is a song to the soul. Anyone who is open to goodness, whatever his/her vision about God, can only feel greatness in what they do. The attack only speaks badly about the attackers.

Read also: In India the Christians’ Offense is Fighting Against Slavery.


Written by Claudia

September 8, 2008 at 10:16 am

Posted in Freedom, Religion, society

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