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Are we in Cold War II?

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Two days ago I wrote about the S300 that Russia had sold to Iran. Then we knew that Syria wants to have Russian missiles on its soil.

Syria raised the prospect yesterday of having Russian missiles on its soil, sparking fears of a new Cold War in the Middle East. President Assad said as he arrived in Moscow to clinch a series of military agreements: We are ready to co-operate with Russia in any project that can strengthen its security.

Fear of new Mid East ‘Cold War’ as Syria strengthens military alliance with Russia – Times Online

h/t Theo Spark.

Chávez has also announced Venezuela will be making a joint military exercise with Russian naval deployment in the Caribbean in November. Remember that Chávez announced Russia was planning to build an AK-47 rifle factory in Venezuela.

And then we have China: Chinese are supporting Russian deployment in South Ossetia to support their own expansionism.

Fears of Cold War? I really believe this is more than just fear


Written by Claudia

September 9, 2008 at 9:54 pm

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