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Morales has spoken for a quick dialogue, criticizing Catholic Church for partiality

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(They are going) to discuss about the oil revenues, the new constitution by Evo Morales and the Autonomy Statutes passed by Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija. European Union, Catholic Church, South American Union, American States’ Organization and United Nations will mediate in the conflict. The agreement also obliges to the evacuation of state buildings in the cited regions, the suspension of blocking routes and the need to investigate the violent events of Pando.

Morales added that in the Government’s name, the agreement was signed by two undersecretaries and criticized Tarija’s Government for publishing it in the national newspapers leaving a blank space in the president’s signature’s space. 

He also criticized the work of cardinal Julio Terrazas, the main authority of the Catholic Church in Bolivia. M. Terrazas went with the prefects Cossío and Costas to sign the agreement in Santa Cruz.

‘I am very sorry about the cardinal supporting the people who defend the interests of the empire (referring to USA) and not those of the people”, he said in his speech, in which he asked Methodists and Evangelic Churches to mediate in the negotiation.

Morales propone adelantar diálogo y critica Iglesia católica por parcialidad.

Accompanying someone to the signature of such an agreement is to support him? I think Evo wants another “reformed Church of Bolivia”, like the one Chávez has built in Venezuela…

But there is another thing: it’s rather interesting that he wants now other churches to enter the negotiation, when he has assumed Catholic Church is against him. Why didn’t he ask them to take part since the first place? And why not inviting Jewish communities, Buddhists or other confessions to take part in the negotiation? Why only Christian churches?

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  1. […] Morales has spoken for a quick dialogue, critisizing Catholic Church’s partiality. […]

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