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Mauritania searches for Islamists in Sahara desert

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Mauritanian Army has launched an operation in the northern part of the country to arrest the terrorist commando which ambushed a military patrol last Monday.

Sources from the Security Forces announced the death of twelve soldiers in the attack, but the Junta which controls the country after a coup d’ètat has not announced the recovery of the corpses. Some military commanders consider the terrorists could have kidnapped several soldiers to change them for some imprisoned criminals.

The main suspected group is Al-Qaida for an Islamic Maghreb, the Bin Laden’s firm in the area which has been acting in Mauritania for a while, and one of whose commandos attacked in the same desertic area three years ago, killing fifteen soldiers.

Army operatives are tracking this inhospitable region by every way possible. An official acknowledged to Reuters that where the ambush took place, blood stains were found but no bodies.

That’s why the terrorists, according to the same sources, could try to use the kidnapped soldiers to change them for several members of Al-Qaeda detained in the country in the past months.

Mauritania busca islamistas en el desierto del Sahara – Internacional_Africa – Internacional –


Written by Claudia

September 20, 2008 at 3:13 pm

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  1. […] must remember that just now Mauritania is seeking international cooperation against AQIM, after it claimed the kidnapping and previous ambush of several Mauritanian soldiers. Last night, the decapitated bodies of the 12 kidnapped soldiers were found in the desert outside a […]

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