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Yemen arrests alleged culprits of the attack to US embassy

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First they were arrested 19. Last news are that there are 25 people detained. We will see how many are finally condemned and on what charges.

There are more news about the attack:

The attack Wednesday killed 16 people, including a young American woman who was recently wed in an arranged marriage and six militants — the deadliest direct assault on a U.S. Embassy in a decade. The attackers failed to breach the compound’s walls, and none of those killed or wounded were U.S. diplomats or embassy employees.

The Yemeni official said the 25 militants were rounded up from various parts of Yemen over the past 24 hours and were being questioned by Yemeni and U.S. investigators.

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From Jane Novak: US Officials: Growing terrorist threat in Yemen:

Yemen is rapidly re-emerging as a jihadist battleground and potential base of operations,” Ted Gistaro, the national intelligence officer for transnational threats, said in a speech in August.


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