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French soldiers unprepared for Taliban ambush: report

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A NATO report on the incident obtained by The Globe and Mail provides the most in-depth account so far of an attack on Aug. 18 that shook the countries involved in the increasingly bloody campaign. The NATO report, marked “secret,” reveals woefully unprepared French troops surprised by well-armed insurgents in a valley east of Kabul. Ten soldiers were killed, the report concludes, but the other soldiers were lucky to escape without more deaths.


The French did not have enough bullets, radios and other equipment, the report said. The troops were forced to abandon a counterattack when the weapons on their vehicles ran out of ammunition only 90 minutes into a battle that stretched over two days. One French platoon had only a single radio and it was quickly disabled, leaving them unable to call for help. Chillingly, in an indication that the French troopers may have been at the mercy of their attackers, the dead soldiers from that platoon “showed signs of being killed at close range,” the report said.

By contrast, the insurgents were dangerously well prepared. The investigation found evidence of well-trained snipers among the guerrillas – highly unusual, because the Taliban are frequently mocked for their poor marksmanship – and indications they were supplied with incendiary bullets designed to punch holes in armour. French soldiers unprepared for Taliban ambush: report.

h/t Michael Yon.

This is worrying indeed. If the Taliban are well prepared (God knows who is giving them weapons now…) and by contrast, the NATO forces are not (they don’t have even bullets, for God’s sake!!), we are in deep shit.

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Written by Claudia

September 21, 2008 at 10:45 am

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  1. […] Defense Minister, Hervé Morin, denies the information published by The Globe and Mail, in which a NATO secret report was published denouncing the lack of bullets, communications or other equipment that the French troops ambushed and killed by Taliban militants were suffering […]

  2. […] French troops unprepared for Taliban ambush: report. […]

  3. […] has claimed, in a video received on Sept, 29th by an Afghan press agency, the responsibility of the ambush which killed 10 French soldiers near Kabul, last August, 18th (1, 2, 3). In that document, Hekmatyar also states that he lost 10 men in the confrontation. The […]

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