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French Minister of Defense denies reports that denounced French troops’ lack of equipment

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French Defense Minister, Hervé Morin, denies the information published by The Globe and Mail, in which a NATO secret report was published denouncing the lack of bullets, communications or other equipment that the French troops ambushed and killed by Taliban militants were suffering of.

The reason to deny the report is that it was written by one of the troopers who took part on the action, sooo it was made on “a hot moment” and it was only based on the data this officer had in that moment. It was not “the result of an investigation or of a conter-analysis” to consider the events. The minister, Hervé Morin, is “shocked by the early publication” of the report. Of course, he also denies they lacked of bullets during this operation.

The General Jean Louis Georgelin, French Army Chief of State, has precised that the report “was made on a hot moment by the American Forces who took part in the action“.

Hervé Morin : “Il y a un compte-rendu d’un officier de l’OTAN, pas un rapport” – Asie-Pacifique – Le

Looks like that now the people who should be giving their opinion about far-away operations in details such as “lack of bullets…” are the people who didn’t take part in those operations.

Or was it that French can’t stand being saved by Americans and that the latter denounced they lack of bullets to defend themselves?


Written by Claudia

September 22, 2008 at 10:44 am

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