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Iran protests Belusconi’s words about Ahmadinejad

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Iran has oficially protested the comments of the Council’s President, Silvio Berlusconi, who has compared Berlusconi to Adolf Hitler in the course of a meeting in Paris with the Jewish organization Keren Hayesod, defining him as “inappropriate of the Italian people and of its rich culture”. The protest of Teheran’s Government has been presented to the number 2 of the Italian embassy in Iran, Alessandro Monti, who has been summoned by the Iranian Foreign Minister.
«Berlusconi was referring himself to the statements from Iranian counterpart who has doubted about proved historical events, such as the Holocaust and the existence of the State of Israel”, has precised this afternoon the Farnesina. “Italy hopes that Iran, as the heir of a millenary culture, adopts a constructive political-diplomatic approach and assumes a more responsible role in the international stage with the respect towards human dignity and the right to exist of all nations and cultures”.

L’Iran protesta con l’Italia: «Indegne parole di Berlusconi su Ahmadinejad» – Corriere della Sera.

More here.

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Written by Claudia

September 22, 2008 at 4:02 pm

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