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Another Palestinian terrorist uses a vehicle… again

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An Arab resident of east Jerusalem rammed his vehicle into a group of soldiers at a central Jerusalem thoroughfare late Monday night, wounding fifteen people, before being shot dead by an off-duty IDF officer, police and rescue officials said.

It was the third such attack in the city in as many months.

The attack took place at the city’s Kikar Tzahal near Jaffa Gate. Two of the casualties were in moderate condition, the rest were lightly hurt.

(…) The assailant, who was driving a BMW, crashed into a group of off-duty soldiers on the sidewalk, where his car came to a grinding halt.

Jerusalem police chief Aharon Franco said that the attacker was shot dead “within seconds” by an off-duty army man who was touring the city with his unit.

Terror in Jerusalem, yet Again! | Freedom.

More in, Winds of Jihad, Infidels Are Cool, Democracy Broadcasting and The Jawa Report.

Related news: after Olmert’s resignation, former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has been asked to form a new government:

Livni now has 42 days to form a governing coalition in order to avert snap elections that polls indicate would bring the right-wing Likud party of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to power.


Written by Claudia

September 23, 2008 at 5:36 pm

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