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Kidnappers seize foreign tourists in Egypt

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Masked kidnappers have seized 19 hostages including Western tourists on safari in a remote desert area of Egypt near the Sudanese and Libyan borders, and whisked them out of the country, Egyptian officials said on Monday.

The kidnapping was the first of its kind in Egypt in living memory, although Islamic militants have hit the country’s tourist industry in recent decades through bomb and shooting attacks that have killed hundreds.

“They have been kidnapped and they have been moved outside the Egyptian borders by four criminals who have kidnapped them,” Tourism Minister Zoheir Garrana told Reuters. “This is a gang act (by) masked men.”

Security sources said the kidnappers were asking for 6 million euros ($8.8 million) to free the hostages, identified as five Italians, five Germans, a Romanian and eight Egyptians. They said there was no sign militant Islamists were involved.

Kidnappers seize foreign tourists in Egypt – Yahoo! News.

A top Egyptian diplomat announced first all foreign tourists in Egypt had been freed. Italian Foreign Ministry has denied that reports. After that, Egypt has withdrawn the first statement and has announced that talks with kidnappers are ongoing. Looks like they are been held in Sudan.


Written by Claudia

September 23, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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