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Last news on Honor Killings

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90 WOMEN DIE TO SATISFY ISLAMIC HONOR « CTD Weblog: Ninety women have died horribly in Pakistan in just the first quarter of 2008 to satisfy the Islamic concept of family honor. When will Western Societies, human rights groups and the general public understand that under Sharia law which some Western societies such as Great Britain are considering allowing Muslims to implement. Women are returned to to the dark ages and loose rights such as custody of children, freedom of movement, expression etc.

Others survive but pay a terrible price for not fulfilling family’s honor.

From Pakistan also: Son strangles mother then chops her in pieces “on suspicion of bad character”. More here.

From Germany: Honor violence on the roads:

A 21-year old German-Turkish woman who caused a fatal accident between Emmerich and Kleve in which two Dutch motorcyclists were killed had been chased by her brother.

According to German newspaper Rheinische Post the young Turkish driver from Kleve wanted to break with her family.  Her brother started chasing her when she left home for Hamburg.  Both cars chased each other at speeds about 140 km/h over the provincial road between Emmerich and Kleve, where the speed limit is 70 km/h.  The chase came to dangerous overtaking maneuvers.

Also you can consider reading this other link: Muslim student union fights for the right to incite murder.


Written by Claudia

September 23, 2008 at 1:08 pm

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