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Bernard Henry-Lévy speaks about French troops in Afghanistan

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via LaurenceJarvikOnline: Bernard Henri-Levy on Afghanistan. Original article in Gulf News.

First, the Taliban’s state of mind: the fact that they hate the French only a little less than they hate the Americans, and that the clever minds who thought they might get into the Taliban’s good graces by keeping a low profile and being discreet and ingratiating – even collaborating with them – were sadly mistaken.

Then there is the fact that they are not “resistance fighters”, “religious students” or anything of the sort. Instead they are motivated by cynicism, choosing to celebrate a recent military success by displaying trophies and parading around as in ancient times.

(…) for years and years, the French have had elite commandos fighting shoulder to shoulder with the American Special Forces in the Afghan mountains.

The report reminds these people – and this is key – that France is fighting a war over there, a real war that also happens to be as undeclared as the war it fought in Algeria 50 years ago.

Thanks to JCDurbant, we have several statements by French politicians about this (my translation):

This is a policy of aligning under the United States, even when we know the past errors and when we are seeing hte future errors. Marine Le Pen
Not a man, not a coin for an imperialist war! The death in combat, last August, of ten young soldiers has reminded abruptly to French people that, without being consulted, their army is engaged with the American soldiers and those of NATO in a bloody war that brings them painful memories of those held against the Vietnamese and Algerian peoples. French Communists
Sept 20th: demonstrations for the withdrawal of Imperialist troops from Afghanistan LCR
– we say no to any French commitmment to the American interests which are not those of the great majority of the American people who has pronuounced several times against the intervention.
– freedom and independence from the Afghan people based on the right of every people to decide for themselves (note: of course, the Taliban were going to let Afghan people decide freely for themselves). The Workers Party

Well, it’s curious that both far-right and far-left think the same: that this is a war fought for the USA, without remembering French obligations due to NATO treaty and that US fought in the Vietnamese war because French asked them to save their asses.

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Written by Claudia

September 24, 2008 at 11:44 am

3 Responses

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  1. Yes, what is also interesting is that France’s own Defense minister keeps insisting this is not a war just as its army and people are belatedly discovering real war doesn’t only kill Americans and that their own press can play right into the hands of their enemies …

    “Je conteste le mot de guerre, je le conteste totalement.” Hervé Morin


    September 24, 2008 at 8:26 pm

  2. Yeah, this is not a war, it’s a puppy… These politicians are soooo stupid that I just can’t understand how on earth they could have been elected for such a post.

    “Je conteste le mot de guerre”… Lord, I just get sick at these politicians. Whatever their sign. They are all the same. Zapatero has said repeatedly “Spain is at an operation of peace in Afghanistan“. What they can’t understand is that changing the name of something, does not change the reality they are describing. And sooner or later people are going to know what they don’t want them to know.

    I will read your links (thanks!). Media disloyalty to the military is something common in all Western world. It’s a tragedy but I sense that society considers military men NOT citizens, just something different. I don’t know if that happens in France.

    Lastly, what these politicians do not understand is that thatsame media disloyalty causes another effect: people are not going to be informed about what happens, but rather they are going to be told what that same MSM want them to do. And that is really terrible… 😦


    September 24, 2008 at 8:34 pm

  3. […] Bernard Henry-Lévy speaks about French troops in Afghanistan. […]

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