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French geopolitologue Alexandre del Valle blogs about Islamism

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Ever since the unprecedented catastrophe of the September 11 there has never been, in the West, so much talk about Islamism and the Muslim religion in general. At the same time there has never been so much deliberate misinformation as regards the real nature of the ideology which motivated the kamikazes of Allah to strike right in the heart of the leader of the Western world. Some people have refused, as a matter of principle, to put the words Islam and terrorism together preferring to talk about “chaos” and “terrorist threat” and denouncing the politicization of Islam which is said to have perverted this religion of love. Others, on the contrary, have argued that Islamism is a religious fundamentalism like other fundamentalisms, specifically Jewish and Christian, and the Islamic world will eventually end up by evolving itself and modernising like us. Burying one’s head in the sand and apparently resigned to see the Islamic world give in to barbarism as if the Enlightenment was an Western luxury only different analysts and other Orientalists have in fact been incapable of taking steps against the new totalitarian threat hanging over the West and the democracies.

Islamist totalitarianism, which is neither a fundamentalism nor simply a politicization of Islam but rather both at the same time, is in reality much more explosive and threatening than one can imagine. We are dealing in this case with an ideology of mass destruction, with a war-driven imperialism claiming to be conquering for the sake of spirituality. It’s a religious fanaticism combined with the desire for revenge by the Arabo-Muslim world, the world claiming to be humiliated by colonisation, just like Germany was once humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles. To put it simply, it’s a theocratic and anti-Western totalitarianism of a new kind, the first totalitarianism which has not been invented by European minds and which speaks in the name of the Third World which it would like to bring under its green banner.

(…) Islamism is fundamentally intolerant and racist. Sure, it’s a racism based on religion and not ethnicity but it’s racism nevertheless, clothed, moreover, in the theological legitimacy and, therefore, much harder to fight against. L

“Radical Islam is not a reaction against the “injustices” in Palestine – Blog d’Alexandre del Valle.

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Written by Claudia

September 24, 2008 at 10:50 am

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