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Chavez says crisis-hit U.S. needs new constitution

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Venezuela’s leftist President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday it was the capitalist system that had caused the financial crisis in the United States and the country should come up with a new constitution.

Speaking to reporters in Lisbon on the last leg of a tour that included visits to China and Russia, he said: “I think the United States should start a constituent process to create a constituent assembly, a new truly democratic model.”

A constituent assembly is a body elected to draft and sometimes adopt a new constitution.

“It was capitalism that caused the ruin” in the United States, said Chavez, who is one of Washington’s fiercest critics, calling the financial crunch “the worst financial crisis in history”.

Chavez says crisis-hit U.S. needs new constitution
| Markets
| Markets News
| Reuters

Well, I’m sure US citizens don’t want Chávez to write a new constitution for them…
Chávez has also backed Sarkozy’s call for financial summit:

The Venezuelan president expressed his wish that the summit proposed by Sarkozy “not be confined to the Group of Eight (G8)”, which includes the seven richest countries in the world and Russia.

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September 28, 2008 at 3:22 pm

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