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Syrian Mukhabarat Perhaps Responsible for Car-Bomb Attack

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A car bomb, most likely a truck, exploded today in Syria on the highway leading to the Airport killing more than 17 and wounding many others. In the hours following the blast a media blitz came out of Damascus and Tehran accusing mainly (and automatically) Israel, but also hinting at “forces inside Lebanon in collaboration with regional powers -that would be the Saudis- aiming at harming Syrian national security.” Commentators backing the Syrian version, including on al Jazeera, hinted at Sunni militants as suspects as well. Interestingly a Syrian group in exile said it was an accident and the truck was prepared for an operation in the region, most likely in Iraq. But experts in Syrian intelligence support to Terror operations said it is less likely that a truck destined to Iraq -or even Lebanon- would be prepared as far as Damascus. It would be too far and too risky.

Counterterrorism Blog: Syrian Mukhabarat Perhaps Responsible for Today’s Car-Bomb Attack.

Eight Gate has an interesting post about precedent attacks. Some of them have been widely known, others have not:

But there have been a number of lesser profile attacks as well. In December 2005, security forces attacked a “takfiri cell” – a group that unilaterally declares other Muslims apostates. Members of such groups have been known to inflict their punishment by, among other things, strapping on explosive belts and walking into western hotels in the region.

(…)In May 2005, the Syrian authorities announced that it had broken up a “terrorist cell” in the Damascus neighborhood of Daf al-Shawq. As Syrian TV showed footage of the cell’s arms depot, the state announced that the cell was but part of a larger organization, the Munazama Jund al-Sham l’wahda wa jihad (The Soldiers of Damascus Organization for Unity and Jihad).

(…) In April 2004, Syrian authorities foiled an attack on an abandoned UN building in Mezzeh, a modern district of Damascus. According to Hamidi’s report, three of the four assailants had gone to Iraq to fight US forces in the days before Saddam’s fall. Many observers (including myself) and diplomats doubted the authenticity of the attacks (…).

Read it all, it’s worth your time. 

The question in the end is: who did these attacks and why, what were the reasons behind them.


Written by Claudia

September 28, 2008 at 9:51 pm

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