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Somali Islamists’s statements (over the kidnapped Ukrainian ship and… well, more menaces)

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Somali Islamists fighting against the central government (an Ethiopian ally) have asked two days ago to the pirates who kidnapped an Ukrainian ship to destroy the cargo of tanks and weapons if they do not obtain the ransom.

Sheik Robow, speaker of the Somali Islamists, told them to “burn the ship with its weapons or to sink it”. He also denied having any kind of links with the pirates, who “act following their own interests”. “It’s a crime to capture business ships, but that it’s not applied to those which transport weapons for the ennemies of Allah”. “We think that the cargo belongs to Ethiopia”.

via Internacional – EL UNIVERSAL.

So, what’s really transporting this ship and who was it for? I am beginning to think there is much more than meets the eye here. So many problems just for some tanks and “light weapons”. What “light weapons”?

But that haven’t been the only “statement” by our friends,. the amiable Somali pirates: they have also menaced some NGO’s working on their country. The reason? They are “committing crimes against Islam and the Jihad“:

On Friday, a statement by insurgent spokesman Sheik Muqtar Robow accused the aid groups CARE and the International Medical Corps of committing “crimes against Islam and the jihad” and warned them to leave areas controlled by Islamic forces.

He did not elaborate on why the two agencies were singled out or what would happen if they did not leave.

This Sheikh is having a lot of free time lately, isn’t he?

Oh, well, it was only the week-end…

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