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Spain: Prosecutor’s Office asks Supreme Tribunal to condemn Islamists for being Islamists

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Prosecutor’s Office from Spanish Supreme Tribunal has asked its Criminal Court to modify the doctrine it stated over March 11th bombings in the revision of the National Court’s sentence in the “Operation Nova” case. The latter is the most important police operation against Islamist terrorism carried out after March 11th bombings.

With that doctrine, considers the Prosecutor, all of the 20 detained in that operation could be freed, after the National Court imposed on them punishments of nearly 143-years of jail time. National Court found them to be a “extremely indoctrinated radical islamist” cell, but which hadn’t taken action yet.

In the sentence of the March 11th bombings, the Supreme Tribunal settled the doctrine that it’s not sufficient to prove that the accused has a radical ideology, but it’s necessary to prove he has already taken some kind of action or, at least, that he has decided to take that action.

Prosecutor’s Office maintains now that “it could be very dangerous” to apply that doctrine to International Jihadist terrorism, “whose objectives should be aborted on time, before they decide to pass from menaces to act”. It also asks the Supreme Tribunal, “based on reasons of elemental caution“, not to settle jurisprudence with a new sentence that, could, at least, cause the failure of “operation Nova“.

Criminal Court’s Supreme Tribunal has accelerated the process, taking into consideration that next October 18th ends the time of preventive prison and, if there is no sentence by that time, the condemned would be freed.

via El fiscal pide al TS abdicar de su doctrina del 11-M para salvar la ‘operación Nova’ |

And why not contradicting their ideology? And why did they applaud the March 11th’s sentence and now they see so much “danger”? Weren’t dangerous the Islamists who killed 192 people on March 11th bombings? Were they more dangerous than those who, by now, hadn’t killed?

By the way, today is October, 7th, anniversary of the battle of Lepanto, fought between the Saint League (Spain, the Pope, Genoa and Venezia, mostly) and the Ottomans in 1571. It’s a good ocassion to see how everything has evolved.


Written by Claudia

October 7, 2008 at 12:55 pm

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