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NKorea bans UN staff from nuke complex, prepares to launch more missiles

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Some days ago I posted about IAEA denouncing (how many times before it has denounced it???) that NK had barred IAEA inspectors.

The diplomats say the North’s decision was made recently but declined to offer details. The diplomats demanded anonymity Thursday because their information was confidential.

The reported move expands the area that the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are no longer allowed to monitor.

via Diplomats: NKorea bans UN staff from nuke complex – Yahoo! News.

And the consequence is that NKorea is planning to launch more missiles and has threatened war with Southern neighbour.

North Korea warned South Korea against sending naval ships into its waters, threatening warfare Thursday as it reportedly shifted an arsenal of missiles to a nearby island for more test launches and banned U.N. inspectors from its main nuclear complex.

The news comes as a Japanese news agency is reporting that the United States has told Japan that it will remove North Korea from its terrorist blacklist this month.

The North’s naval command accused the South of encroaching on its territory around the disputed sea border off Korea’s west coast and threatened to take unspecified “decisive action” unless Seoul stops infiltrating its waters.

Is this a new stupid thing by Kim or it’s a real menace?? Just wait and see, but they are not good news.


Written by Claudia

October 9, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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