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UK peace preacher: “stand with terror suspects whatever they have done”

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Waleed talks about the “war on Islam” being waged by Britain and urges his followers to reject the laws of the UK.

He even attacks moderate groups for handing over terror suspects to the police and urges his crowds to “stand with your brothers” whatever they have done.

“The Islamic identity is under heavy attack, where our own thoughts and our ideas are not in line with the Sharia,” Waleed told one crowd.

via Nova Scotia Scott » Blog Archive » Hate preacher exhorts Muslims to reject British laws.

Wow, I’m sure if Government tried to deport him, he would just get terrified about the tortures in Islamic lands and would say his “Human Rights could be violated”. I am tired of these guys: why they don’t go to Islamic lands once and for all?


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October 9, 2008 at 7:54 pm

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