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Mark Steyn and Maclean, acquitted

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You can read Deborah Gyapong, Pundita (who is linking to all Canadian bloggers writing about this) and Denise o’Leary:

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled today that a controversial article about Islam in Maclean’s magazine did not violate the province’s hate speech law.

In acquitting the magazine, the Tribunal ruled that the article, an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s book America Alone in which he describes the demographic and ideological dangers posed by a growing Muslim population in the West, was not likely to expose Muslims to hatred or contempt.

Those are really good news. Now we need that no other journalist, blogger, etc is ever indicted NOWHERE for EXPRESSING opinions.

(+) The decision itself via Covenant Zone. BCF, Scaramouche and Michelle Malkin also have posted about it.


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  2. […] Mark Steyn and Maclean, acquitted (BlogFree) […]

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