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US Warns Of Al-Qaida Threats In Sudan

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The U.S. embassy in Khartoum has warned that an al-Qaida group had threatened Americans in Sudan and the U.S. government, following the double murder of two staff on New Year’s Day.

A warden message, which was dated October 2 and remains current, alerts U.S. citizens to “threats made against the U.S. government and U.S. citizens in Sudan by a group calling itself ‘Al Qaida in the Land of the Two Niles‘”. (What a name, ehhh? Now they are going to say they are descendants of the Pharaohs, who were the “Kings of the Low and Upper Nile”… :mrgreen:).

No one from the embassy elaborated on the timing or form of the threats.

Five Sudanese Islamists are on trial for killing John Granville, who worked for the U.S. Agency of International Development, and his local driver, Abdel Rahman Abbas, in Khartoum.

The statement on the embassy Web site said the new threats “referenced” those killings and “proclaimed the group’s ‘jihad and fight against the United States of America and its allies of crusaders and apostates will continue.

A group calling itself Ansar al-Tawhid had claimed responsibility for the the Usaid killings in a statement on a militant Web site on January 4.

via US Warns Of Al-Qaida Threats In Sudan

You know, these guys are soooo boring. All day threatening and doing really nothing at all for the citizens of their countries of origin. What about that USAID worker’s murder and his driver’s? It’s just mad. Their countries are poor, totally undequate for human living with some kind of dignity, illiterate… and what are they doing? Killing development workers, for God’s sake!!

Terrorists, leave terrorism, use the brain… in case you have something of that after all the explosions in the training field!! :mrgreen:


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