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Islamist violence in Sydney goes unreported (UPDATED)

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In a part of Sydney known as ‘Little Lebanon’, two Mormon missionaries who were walking to their apartment when one was hit from behind (unprovoked) and then ‘dog-piled’ by a gang of Muslim men who then proceeded to start stabbing him. When his friend tried to intervene and help him, the intervening friend was stabbed harder and more furiously than the first. Both of the men are in a serious condition in hospital. Read more here and here.

Over at Topix, a group of equally dangerous thugs in the commentary think it’s great and that the missionaries deserved it (assuming the missionaries to be a type of Christian). Whether or not you’re a Mormon (and I’m not), you’ve got to admit that the calloused hatred out there towards two peaceful individuals attacked from behind is just as bad as the violent actions of the gang themselves.

via THE MIDNIGHT SUN » Blog Archive » ISLAMIST VIOLENCE IN SYDNEY AND THE ATTITUDES THAT ENABLE IT And nearly no important MSM has reported on this… How outrageous!

UPDATED. Winds of Jihad has more on the subject.


Written by Claudia

October 23, 2008 at 1:20 pm

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