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Kenya: Report Accuses Top Officials from Odinga’s Party for Post-Elections Ethnic Violence

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A government-sponsored commission in Kenya has accused a number of top-level officials of inciting and funding ethnic violence in the country that left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced following disputed elections late last year.

The report, which was embargoed by a separate government commission, was leaked to It makes allegations against 219 persons, including many government ministers.

Their names are included in the “Schedule of Alleged Perpetrators,” a 54-page appendix to the report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, or KNCHR, on violence related to the country’s December 2007 elections.

Most of the accused are supporters of the Orange Democratic Movement, or ODM, whose leader, Raila Odinga, nonetheless supported the establishment of a tribunal to try those politicians responsible for inciting the post-election violence. Odinga, who is not accused, belongs to the Luo tribe.

via – Report Accuses Top Officials for Post-Elections Ethnic Violence in Kenya – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

So Odinga followers have been accused of Kenyan violence. And do you know who is Odinga’s cousin? Yes, he is… and Odinga himself was accused of racial cleaning.

Oh, yeah, how many MSM are going to report on this? Hmm, let me think…


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